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          Health & Disease

          Dominant Healthcare vs Marginalised Alternatives

          In our culture, control and separation are given more importance than compassion and relationship.

          To illustrate what I mean, here’s a comparison between the dominant approach to healthcare and the marginalised, “alternative” approaches.

          Recently I went to see a medical doctor.

          The first thing the staff did was collect my data. They weighed and measured, poked and prodded, writing everything down in a form as they went.

          Then, suitably reduced from a human being to numbers on a sheet, I was ushered into the next room to wait for the doctor.

          The doctor spent more time looking at the computer screen than at me, entering data and analysing it. Even when she asked questions, she kept looking at the screen while I answered, adding my responses to the information in “my” file.

          (I use inverted commas for “my,” because I know I have no control over that file.)

          Less than fifteen minutes later, I was ushered out again with an order for blood tests and instructions to come back in 3 months for more testing. (The doctor also suggested a pharmaceutical prescription, but I politely declined it.)

          Conversely, here’s the kind of experience I’ve come to anticipate when I go to a healer with a more holistic approach – one who sees me as a unique individual rather than as a case study, and who approaches the business of helping me with deep humility and compassion.

          First, the healer looks into my eyes, and I feel safer immediately. Then, for an hour or more, she listens to me. Really listens.

          I’m nourished by her undivided attention and unconditional acceptance. She listens to my story, rather than taking my data. She asks questions that draw parts of the story out of me that I had not previously recognised. This in itself is deeply healing.

          And when finally this healer prescribes, the prescription is full of nourishment for both body and soul. Real food. Rest and renewal. Connection with family. Time in nature.

          As well as nourishment she may prescribe supplements, homeopathy, or other remedies, and she sometimes also calls on modern scientific medicine, but all these are secondary to the nourishment; they don’t replace it.

          If you enjoyed this, you may also like this previous article which describes how ?pharmaceutical medicine is ?the medical equivalent of fast food ?– its fast, its convenient, and it erodes our health over time?.

          There is also a companion article which compares commercial, profitable medicine with natural, local, not-for-profit medicine.



          Kate writes at ARealGreenLife.com about thinking differently and living a more natural, connected, and sustainable life. Check out her free downloads page or her blog.


          Kate Martignier

          Kate writes at ARealGreenLife.com – an exploration into thinking differently and living a more natural, connected, and sustainable life.


          1. When I was living at my home country-China, I used to visit doctors who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. I must say that TCM is a holistic approach but somehow difficult and even impossible to prove its scientific foundation, since it’s based on theories like yin-yang balance, meridian system in the body and medicinal herbs etc. Everyone gets his/her own unique prescription according to his/her status. Doctors approach you in quite a different manner. But, it works.

            1. Hi Xianya, science is evolving, albeit painfully slowly, towards an expanded way of describing and explaining the world. (Two examples are the quantum physics discovery that outcomes of experiments are directly dependent on observers of the experiments, and the work being done with water as described in James Pollack’s book, The Fourth Phase of Water).
              I believe there will come a time when science and medicine will embrace modalities that our current science either cannot explain, or refuses to accept. Then, we’ll have the best of both worlds.

          2. Absolutely true and the power of natural herbs and medicine is incredibly potent but we need to educate and spend more time learning about our bodies. Everyone wants an immediate solution.

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